Concours d’idées
Austin Fine Art Festival
projet mentionné

Lieu : Austin, Texas, Etats-Unis d’Amérique
Maître d’ouvrage : Art Alliance Austin
Architectes : Lucie Godefroy, Boris Nauleau, Elfi Roinsard, Cédric Smal, Camille Vassor
Designer associé : Mathieu Théaudin
Calendrier : 2008
Surfaces : –
Coût travaux : –
Mission : Concours d’idées




CONCOURS D’IDEES : Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space (T.O.G.S.)
Espace d’exposition extérieur et temporaire pour le Festival d’Arts d’Austin (Texas USA)
The Austin Festival’s particularity is taking place in a short time and wide outside space.
The event takes place “under the Austin’s sky” :
An open air gallery… Wavy night… The clouds dancing a tango…
The fine art festival covered by a cloudy vault…

The Pink Cloud Making Machine
The project for this outside gallery is a cloudy sky made of several floating entities. A vault which covers the festival, such a contemporary expression of the ceiling of the Sixtine Chapel.
Modules are fit together on the floor, and finally filled in helium to establish the cover with an height diversity and a functional stage. This basic unit, transformed from the dimension of a stand, offers a variety of configurations and atmospheres.
The composition according to the wind, allows to free the road and emphasizes the exhibits. Scenography is renewed every year, possibly for various events.
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